Welcome to my wacky NFL world


Hello everybody and welcome to my NFL blog. I’m Stewart Love from Edinburgh Scotland and I’m a proud NFL International series season Ticket holder as well as playing CB for the midlothian Sabred flag American Football. This blog is going to be all about the NFL or National Football League.  There’s no limit to the different things that I’ll be discussing in this blog, from my favourite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, to my least favourite team, the San Diego Chargers.  I’ll be talking about which teams suck, and which ones are good, which Quarterbacks are hot right now and which ones are slumping.  I may not be a professional but I know my football pretty well, and I’m trying to cover as many things going on in the league as possible.  I’m going to try to stay more on the topic of the football itself, not the various scandals, arrests, and team drama, although there will be brief mention of them.  Basically if you want to read about some good old NFL football, this is the place for you.


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