Brady defends OBJ and offers some friendly advice.

Brady had some interesting comments when asked about the criticism of Beckham being at the center of the boat controversy during Brady’s weekly hit with “Kirk & Callahan” on WEEI radio in Boston, and the star quarterback both defended Beckham and also shed light on his own experiences away from the facility during a work week.
“Well, it’s a tricky situation,” Brady said. “Players are off, everyone decides what they want to do in their off time. When I was young I did a lot of things that when I look back, I wish I probably wouldn’t have done — flying cross-country, things like that. It just wasn’t publicized.
“It’s up for every team to decide and Coach [Bill] Belichick for example, last week we worked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and then had the weekend to rest a little bit, rest our bodies, and then we’re in [Monday] for work. The Chiefs, they had the whole week off. Every team has a different personality and obviously when you win, it takes care of all those things. It sucks when you lose.”
Beckham can relate to that last part, and had he played well and the Giants not lost this boat story would have sunk immediately. Instead, it became the Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson story of this generation — fairly or not.
Beckham is barely 24 years old and is starting to learn the power of social media, something Brady didn’t really contend with until later in his career. In fact, Brady spoke of one time he left the Patriots facility — perish the thought! — when he was injured before later thinking better of it.
“I flew out because I was from California and when I had off time that is where I went,” he said. “Looking back there was one time I was actually injured pretty good and I decided to do it. I landed and stayed overnight and I realized, ‘[Shoot], I better fly back’ and I flew back the next morning because it wasn’t a very smart decision.
“You’re younger, you don’t have all the experience that you have and I am at a point doing this as long as I have, I cherish the opportunity that we have. I am putting everything into it. I will have time at the end of the year to do things I need to do, but right now it’s focus on what my job is and that is to put everything I have into this week.”
And even if Beckham more than made up for it with his work on the Packers after returning to the team, the perception-is-reality world we live in isn’t going to see that. He even admitted after the game that all the boat talk “did a great job of putting it in people’s mind, ‘OK, now if the Giants lose it’s because you went to Miami.’ ”
So did a boat trip end the Giants’ season? No, it most certainly didn’t in and of itself. But as Brady noted, sometimes those types of trips are the things players might regret later down the road, even if the actual effect is minimal.


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