Tom Coughlin back at the Jaguars is undoubtedly the spoon full of sugar that helps this unsexy medicine go down

Yesterday was a big day for those of us who like to Jag Off. The Jaguars brought Tom Coughlin in as the Vice President of Football Operations, Doug Marrone as the Head Coach, and announced that they would be keeping most of the coaching staff in place.
Let’s get into the weeds a little bit. I think that Doug Marrone is a better head coach than Buffalo fans would have you believe. I mean, he went 6-10 his first year in Buffalo and then 9-7 with EJ Manual and Kyle Orton. Kyle Orton retired and Doug obviously didn’t want to be saddled with a guy like EJ Manual as his quarterback. Marrone didn’t want to draft EJ; the Bills brass drafted Manual any way in a pick that was wildly criticized at the time. So, instead of being saddled with EJ, Doug Marrone walked away, pocketed 4 million dollars, and become an offensive line coach for 2 years. The best look? Not by a long shot so I get why Bills fans hate him.
After the nearly four years of the patty cake bullshit that was Gus Bradley’s coaching, the Jaguars needed a mentality reset. Moving from rainbows and sunshine in the face of 8 game losing streaks, to gray walls and expected victories is what the Jaguars needed. That’s what bringing in Tom Coughlin and putting Doug Marrone in charge does. It might not work, but it’s certainly the reset that the team needs.

I don’t mind keeping Marrone and the rest of the offensive staff. I do think that keeping the defensive staff in place is a terrible idea. Statistically, the Jaguars defense was better than the offense by a wide margin this year. The team has young stars on the roster like Jalen Ramsey and Telvin Smith, both of whom spoke out against the scheme and coaching staff and were vocal about wanting a change in defensive scheme.

Keeping the entire staff doesn’t seem like a complete, complete flip, so it will be interesting to see how the players respond.

Tom Coughlin is undoubtedly the spoon full of sugar that helps this unsexy medicine go down. I was all set for one of the “hot coaching candidates.” I was ready for Kyle Shanahan, Josh McDaniels, or Matt Patricia. I got Doug Marrone which was pretty blah at first, but then I started to remember the good things that happened while Tom Coughlin was in Jacksonville and that helped a bit.


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