Stewart love’s Super Bowl LI prediction.

Tonight is a huge night for me as I love the NFL and I’ll admit I’m a huge Brady lover and yes I hope he gets his 5th Super Bowl ring and becomes the greatest of all time. Yes, this could be a high-scoring, 34-31 shootout, but the Atlanta Falcons could also win 10-7. Or maybe the Pats are even better than we thought they were and smoke Atlanta 40-14.
For the Pats to win they need to run the ball. Their defence has to bend but not break. They’ve done a great job of that in the past and especially this year, Ive watched them extensively and they have not really given up big up plays. They’ve not been the best but they’ve found a way to get out of it.
On the other hand The Falcons need to be able to find their big players like Julio Jones, stick to their run game and own the time of possession. I think time of possession will be the best defence. And obviously, with Vic Beasley being a guy that’s done a great job being the sack leader in the league, he will need to find a way to get to the quarterback.
My prediction! New England 31, Atlanta 24


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