Here’s how Tom Brady reacted to the recovery of his stolen Super Bowl jerseys

Although Tom Brady’s board of suspects ended up being way off, the Patriots quarterback was still ecstatic on Monday when he found out that authorities had recovered his two missing Super Bowl jerseys.Just hours after the NFL announced that Brady’s jerseys had been found in Mexico, the Patriots quarterback released a statement collectively thanking every agency that helped track his jersey down. 

“I am happy my jerseys from [Super Bowl XLIX] and [Super Bowl LI] have been recovered, and I want to thank all of the law enforcement agencies involved,” Brady said in a statement released by his agent, Don Yee. “I know they worked hard on this case — and it is very much appreciated.” 

Although the jerseys have been recovered, Brady did point out that they’re not quite back in his possession yet.  

“Hopefully when I get the jerseys back I can make something very positive come from this experience,” Brady said. 

The man accused of stealing the jerseys , Mauricio Ortega, was able to pull off the heist because he had been credentialed to cover the Super Bowl through a media entity in Mexico. Ortega has been credentialed as a media member to cover several Super Bowls during his career, including the last two that Brady and the Patriots played in (Super Bowls XLIX and LI). 

Since it appears that Ortega was the culprit, Brady can now eliminate every suspect off of his suspect board. That means that Julian Edelman, Lady Gaga, Gollum and the clown who stole Air Bud are all officially off the hook. 


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