JJ WATT RAISED $4m in 48 hours.

Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt has announced his fundraising to help victims of Hurricane Harvey has surpassed $4m in 48 hours.
Watt, who pledged $100,000 of his own money to the cause, has been leading the charge to gather funds for those affected by the tropical storm, which has seen at least 18 people killed and 13,000 more rescued.
The heaviest tropical downpour in US history has left an area 15 times the size of Manhattan under water, according to the Houston Chronicle newspaper.
Amy Adams Strunk, Tennessee Titans owner and a Houston native, has reportedly donated $1m to Watt’s campaign, while Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul has also pledged $50,000.

“I have no clue how big this thing can get, how much money we can raise,” Watt said. “But I can promise I’m going to do every single thing I can to make sure this money goes directly back to the people and that we help rebuild Houston, the areas around it and that we make sure these people get back on their feet.
“This is our city, that’s our community and I just want to make sure we get everybody back on their feet.”
To donate, visit YouCaring.com/JJWatt.


Read Julian Edelman’s message to Patriots fans on his ‘extremely trying’ week

Patriots receiver Julian Edelman on Tuesday shared his thoughts in the aftermath of his season-ending knee injury in a message on social media.
“This has been an extremely trying week,’’ Edelman wrote in a note on his phone that was screenshotted and shared on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. “That being said, the amount of support I have received since Friday night is truly humbling.
“I will approach this rehab process the only way I know how, with everything I have, to make sure I come back stronger than ever.’’

Edelman, who was New England’s leading receiver last season with 98 catches for 1,106 yards, went down on the Patriots’ first drive against the Lions in Detroit.

Tom Brady: ‘It’s really a setup’ to compare 2017 Patriots to undefeated 2007 team

Tom Brady has been an NFL starter for 16 seasons, and for 16 seasons, Tom Brady has never played on a losing team. The Patriots are 183-52 when he’s under center, and that includes five Super Bowl titles and a staggering 14 seasons in which Brady led the team to double-digit wins.The regular-season pinnacle came in 2007, when the Patriots finished 16-0 — and improved to 18-0 in the postseason before running into an upstart Giants outfit led by Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII. That Pats team was as close to unstoppable as we’ve seen — Brady completed 69 percent of his throws, tossing 50 touchdowns to the likes of Randy Moss (98 receptions, 1,493 yards, 23 TDs) and Wes Welker (112 receptions, 1,175 yards, 8 TDs) — beating opponents by an average of 20 points.

We mention all this because the Patriots are again defending Super Bowl champs, and they spent the offseason getting markedly better. So much better, in fact, that they’ve drawn comparisons to that ’07 squad. Not surprisingly, Brady wants no part of that conversation.

“It is really unfair to set expectations. To me, in my mind, it’s really a setup,” Brady said Tuesday during an apperance on WEEI’s “Kirk and Callahan” program. “You’re talking about some magical years that we’ve had that may never be duplicated again.”

Or maybe they’ll be duplicated in the coming months. But Brady reiterated that he has no interest in similarities between the past and present.

“It is so far from those types of things,” he continued. “You’re talking about some incredible teams that I’ve had an opportunity to be on and lucky to be on. This team is so far from where we need to be and we have so far to go. For this team, we need to be focused on so many other things than what people may think about us or say about us. There is so much improvement we need to make. I love the guys I’m playing with this year. It’s a totally different version of a team we’ve had. We’ll have our own strengths and weaknesses, but how the season plays out will be determined by what happens moving forward.”

Uh huh.

That’s all well and good, but it’s not unreasonable to think that the Patriots will be 6-0 ahead of their Week 7 Sunday night Super Bowl rematch against the Falcons. (The Pats face the Chiefs, Saints, Texans, Panthers, Bucs and Jets over the first month and a half of the season.) And should they be undefeated, we’ll be hearing about — wait for it — how Brady’s ’17 team compares to its ’07 counterpart.

Through it all, Brady will remain undistracted.

“This team will be able to write our own chapter, and hopefully it’s a good one,” he said. “But it’s going to be determined by the work ethic that we do and the trust we have in one another. We are still a long ways from building that. We’re going to build it over the course of the year.”

Patriots become first NFL team to have own planes

I know we all saw yesterday they brought the jets.. And the smarter guys figured this out yesterday.. But Holy crap Kraft is a GENIUS, this is about getting ready for the inevitable European /Mexico expansion.
The New England Patriots have become the first NFL team to buy their own plane to fly to games. Make that two planes.
Sources tell ESPN that the reigning Super Bowl champions bought two 767 Boeing wide-body jets in the offseason and retrofitted them with all first-class seats, some of which recline completely. On the outside of at least one of the planes is the team logo and five Lombardi trophies on the tail.
These planes, depending on miles flown and condition, generally cost between $5 million and $65 million. A source said the planes the Patriots bought are extended range, which allows the planes to fly nonstop for about 12 hours.

A brand-new plane could cost $200 million.
One plane will be used as the main plane for the season, while the other will be the backup, with flight operations being run out of Providence, Rhode Island, sources said. Patriots spokesman Stacey James said team officials would not be publicly commenting on the acquisitions.
NFL teams haven’t thought much about buying their own planes in the past, with only 10 games on the road. But charter travel has gotten more expensive over the past couple of years, due to the major carriers starting to retire the bigger planes that fly the teams around.
The bigger planes — which can carry a full team, its support staff and the onerous amount of equipment the team needs on the road — are being retired because they are nearing a point in their life cycle where they have to be stripped, fully gutted and reworked in order to satisfy Federal Aviation Administration requirements. Airlines like Delta and American have chosen to begin retiring the planes instead of going through what would be a cost-prohibitive reboot.
American said last year that it would no longer fly the Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers and ? Miami Dolphins. At least two of those teams, the Steelers and the Dolphins, took their business to charter-only airline Miami Air, sources said.
The rising cost of chartering flights for NFL teams makes the decision to buy a plane somewhat easier. Sources with knowledge of the deals teams have done with charter companies say the 10 round-trip flights per season can cost up to $4 million.
It is expected that team-owned planes will help give athletes a leg up on the recovery process, which is one of the areas that interested the Patriots.
In 2014, a concept plane designed by a firm named Teague, in partnership with Nike, sought to equalize the effects of air travel on mind and body as well as get a head start on recovery through an in-flight training room. Two years later, Russian aircraft maker Sukhoi built its concept plane, which had features including a “smart toilet” that measured an athlete’s state of hydration and sensors in seats that could detect an athlete’s physiological changes.
 The Patriots will allow for the planes to be rented out during the season when they are not needed for team travel, sources said. It is not known how aggressively the team will seek to make up some of its costs by advertising the planes’ availability.

Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III and Jay Cutler are top QB options if Dolphins Ryan Tannehill is out

As reported by Dolphins Wire and other outlets on Thursday morning, Miami Dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill suffered an apparent knee injury during practice. The 29-year-old was scrambling out of the pocket on a play during 11-on-11 drills and he went down awkwardly on the sideline.
There’s no current update on Tannehill’s status as the Dolphin players were told not discuss the injury with reporters. Tannehill missed the Dolphins last four games of 2016 with a sprain in his ACL and MCL in his left knee
Backup quarterback Matt Moore started in the team’s last four games of the 2016 season, including their playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Moore is the Dolphins starting quarterback if Tannehill should be out an extended period of time.
However, Miami will likely look for a veteran quarterback if Tannehill is out long-term. So what are the options available at quarterback?
Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick has an 88.9 career quarterback rating, but he has had a tough time finding work after refusing to stand for the National Anthem last season while protesting police treatment of African Americans, among other social positions.
Not to mention, the San Francisco 49ers went 2-14 in 2016, but, in 11 starts, Kaepernick threw for 2,241 yards, 16 touchdowns against four interceptions. He also ran for 468 yards and two touchdowns.
Robert Griffin III
After an outstanding rookie season for the Washington Redskins in 2012, where he threw for 3,200 yards, 20 touchdowns amd only five interceptions, Robert Griffin’s play has declined because of injuries. He only played in five games last season due to a shoulder injury.
Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler was Gase’s starting quarterback in 2015 when he was the Chicago Bears offensive coordinator. Cutler retired this offseason to join Fox’s No.2 announcing team. Although it is unlikely, Cutler could be a possible option.
Other quarterback options
Christian Ponder, Zach Mettenberger and Charlie Whitehurst

Ryan Tannenhill leaves the field injured during training camp.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill suffered a non-contact leg injury during Thursday morning training camp practice. The 29-year-old then walked off the field gingerly.

The Dolphins organization had no immediate update on Tannehill’s progress or the severity of the injury.

On 11-on-11 drills, Tannehill was scrambling out of the pocket on a pass play. After the quarterback went to the sideline, he immediately went down awkwardly. He stayed there for about 20 second while teammates surrounded him.
Tannehill then got up and walked to the Dolphins locker room slowly but with a noticeable limp. He was guided to the locker room by two Dolphins officials, but he was able to walk on his own.
Last December, Tannehill injured his left knee in a game against the Arizona Cardinals. He would miss the Dolphins last regular season game with an ACL and MCL sprain.
Since returning from his injury, Tannehill has been wearing a brace on his left knee. During OTAs, minicamp and training camp, Tannehill has told reporters that his knee is fully healed and it hasn’t affected his game at all.
It is not known if the injury happened to Tannehill’s left or right knee. The three other quarterback on the Dolphins roster are Matt Moore, David Fales and Brandon Doughty.