JJ WATT RAISED $4m in 48 hours.

Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt has announced his fundraising to help victims of Hurricane Harvey has surpassed $4m in 48 hours.
Watt, who pledged $100,000 of his own money to the cause, has been leading the charge to gather funds for those affected by the tropical storm, which has seen at least 18 people killed and 13,000 more rescued.
The heaviest tropical downpour in US history has left an area 15 times the size of Manhattan under water, according to the Houston Chronicle newspaper.
Amy Adams Strunk, Tennessee Titans owner and a Houston native, has reportedly donated $1m to Watt’s campaign, while Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul has also pledged $50,000.

“I have no clue how big this thing can get, how much money we can raise,” Watt said. “But I can promise I’m going to do every single thing I can to make sure this money goes directly back to the people and that we help rebuild Houston, the areas around it and that we make sure these people get back on their feet.
“This is our city, that’s our community and I just want to make sure we get everybody back on their feet.”
To donate, visit YouCaring.com/JJWatt.


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