What we should know about next seasons NFL games in London.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a deal which commits them to one game @ WEMBLEY thru the 2020 season. This is not affeceted by Shahid Khan’s withdrawal from buying Wembley – far from it, he’s stated they want to extend for a further 5 years once the current deal expires.

Rams, Raiders and Chargers are obliged to play one “international” game as the “home” team while they have temporary stadium leases (probably 2 more seasons for all 3 teams). – this may be @ WHL or Wembley, Mexico, or maybe somewhere else. At least 1 of these teams is likely to play their game in Mexico.

Falcons are also slated to play a home game outside the US sometime in the next few years as part of the new requirements for the city being awarded a Superbowl.

The other London “home” team(s) will be “volunteers”.

We are scheduled for a minimum of 4 games not just next year, but in EACH of the next 2 seasons under existing stadium agreements with Wembley and WHL.

There is generally less reticence about being the “home” team in London now – As the Jags GM hinted last week, other owners have crunched the numbers and understand more about how to benefit. Many teams still have stadium leases which prevent it, but as Atlanta proved when they came over, it’s sometimes possible to negotiate a variance for one game – the team/league has to compensate the leaseholder though. Some team owners have ruled out being the “home” team for an international game – Green Bay, Dallas and New England certainly, and maybe others.

Apart from those mentioned above, Teams KNOWN to have clauses in their existing stadium leases which allow them to play a home game or games overseas are the Vikings, Bucs and Bengals.


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