The Brady, Belechick and Patriots machine still keeps rolling! Well for at least 2 more years or is it?

Stewartlovenfl @5yardrush

Stewart love From 5 yard rush explains below

As and Ian Rapoport reported below.

“The deal raises Brady’s 2019 salary from $15 million to $23 million. Brady is then scheduled to make $30 million in 2020 and $32 million in 2021, though both Brady and New England are “amenable” to adjusting the numbers if necessary, Rapoport added.

What does this deal mean for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots? Well as the news was released at start of the weekend we’ll all know for sure that TB12 has agreed a 2 year extension and we all expect that the 42 year old would play out the new 2 year contact and ride into the sunset as the G.O.A.T and the greatest player to ever represent the New England patriots! Well unfortunately not as this contact is not what everyone thinks it is as the extension poses more questions than answered, beyond the 2019 NFL season.

Brady was speaking on NFL network on Monday evening (UK time) and offered an explanation when asked about the new contact. “It’s a unique situation I’m in,” Brady told reporters. “I’m [in the] 20th year with the same team and you know, 42 years old. Pretty much uncharted territory I think for everybody.

So let’s take a look at the deal and what it means for TB12 and the New England Patriots.

The deals means that Brady gets an additional $8million on top of his original salary (2019) meaning he will get $23 million in total. Now here’s were the deal gets complicated of confusing for some of you, even me 😂.

The patriots have essentially added 2 more years onto his current contact but those 2 years are void. The 2 years are added for salary cap purposes and don’t exists and it’s pretty much the same as what the New Orleans saints did with Drew breeze when they signed him back in 2016 and extended it to 5 years but it really was a 2 year deal with 3 valid years! Yes your read right, even I’m trying to understand this one but as Ian rapoport reported on Monday

“that even if for only a brief moment in March of 2020, Tom Brady, the GOAT, will be a free agent — unless he retires beforehand. “Someone can call Tom Brady at 4:01 at the start of the league year in 2020 and try to sign Tom Brady,” Rapoport said Monday on NFL Network’s Inside Training Camp Live.

With Brady now on a new $8million extension he did have some time to a troll the Atlanta Falcons or we assume he did Right? The $23.8 million salary surly has to be a dig at the 28-3 deficit against the falcons in Super Bowl LI, the patriots also had 283 diamonds in their Super Bowl LI rings so I’m definitely taking that as a mega troll to the Falcons.

Now as we all love fantasy football at 5 yard Rush we have to keep on topic of Tom Brady and ask the burning question, is Tom Brady still a great quarterback in Fantasy Football?

We can argue all day long about the status of Tom Brady but their is no denying that he is the Greatest to ever play the position of QB and at the age of 41 years old he appeared in his 9th super bowl and won his 6th Super Bowl ring (my mind is blown as I type this up) and has racked up 16 AFC crowns in the process.

Of late we haven’t seen a drop in Brady’s performances especially his passing for the patriots over the last 3 years that the patriots have made the Super Bowl, overall along with Patrick Mahomes, Matt Ryan, Deshaun Watson, drew breeze and Jimmy Garoppolo are the only QB’s to average eight yards per pass attempts over that 3 year span. Here is some data I pulled from the amazing PFF (pro football focus)

Completion rate: 65.8% (No. 17 among 32 quarterbacks with at least eight starts in 2018)

Touchdown rate: 5.1% (No. 15)

Interception rate: 1.93 (No. 13)

QB rating: 97.7 (No. 11)

Yards per attempt: 7.64 (No. 12)

Adjusted yards per attempt: 7.79 (No. 10)

Yards per game: 272.2 (No. 10)

Fantasy points: 280 (QB14)

Fantasy points per game: 17.5 (Tied for No. 16).

The big question I keep seeing being asked is how will Brady perform without Gronkowski

For me brady has always been a bit more vulnerable without Gronk on the field since the Patriots drafted him with the 42nd overall selection of the 2010 draft.

Brady with Gronk (112 games): 25.2 PPR | 2.2 TDs | 0.5 INTs | 8.01 Y/A | 66% cmp | 289 yards per game

Brady Without Gronk (28 games): 21.4 PPR | 1.8 TDs | 0.6 INTs | 6.89 Y/A | 60% cmp | 260 yards per game

Brady still has Julian Edelman as his go to guy but not having Gronk will change the dynamics of Brady’s offensive options. Over the years the patriots have had a knack of getting the most out of unknown receivers, in fact here’s a list of Patriots players who have caught even 100 passes since 2010

• Julian Edelman (462 receptions)

• Welker (326)

• James White (248)

• Danny Amendola (230)

• Aaron Hernandez (175)

• Deion Branch (115)

• Brandon LaFell (111)

• Chris Hogan (107)

• Shane Vereen (107)

So would you pick Brady in a 2019 draft? If it was me I probably would then again I might not but the guys at 5 yard rush definitely wouldn’t and here’s why.

He wasn’t at the top of any of the four major QB stats in 2018, but there was no denying he was solid in each of them. TB12 finished the 2018 season 7th in passing yards, 10th in TDs, 15th in interceptions thrown, and 6th in QBR at 70.5. Even though the playoffs don’t count towards those stats or fantasy stats in general, it’s nice to see what TB12 is truly capable of and It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightes If TB12 and the Patriots make another deep playoff run and potentially win a 7th Super Bowl.

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