Kyler Murray starting in Week 1 would end streak of sitting No. 1 pick QB

While Arizona Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury left it somewhat in the air whether or not No. 1 draft pick Kyler Murray would be the Week 1 starting quarterback, it is safe to say it would be disappointing if it didn’t happen. General manager Steve Keim expects it. Kingsbury has said multiple times he is building the offense around Murray. Not having Murray as the starter would seem odd if it is built around him.

If things go as expected, it will reverse a recent trend for quarterbacks drafted No. 1 overall.

Pro Football Talk wrote about how historically it has been 50-50 whether a QB picked No. 1 overall is the team’s Week 1 starter or whether he sits. That has come in streaks, though.

The last two quarterbacks selected first overall, Baker Mayfield in 2018 and Jared Goff in 2016, sat out to start the season. Mayfield started in Week 4 because of an injury to Tyrod Taylor. Goff didn’t start until Week 11.

However, the previous five quarterbacks selected first overall were Week 1 starters — Jameis Winston, Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Sam Bradford and Matthew Stafford.

The three before them — JaMarcus Russell, Alex Smith and Eli Manning — all sat out to start the year.

Of course, each situation is unique. The other quarterbacks on the roster for the Cardinals are Brett Hundley and 2018 undrafted free agent Charles Kanoff.

The QBs who sat out to start the year were behind established veteran starters. Murray has a veteran in Hundley as a teammate, but he has never been more than a backup. His NFL starts have all come as a result of an injury to a starter.

Kingsbury’s comments about how we have to wait and see how things play out with the starting job are simply a way to respect the competitive process. He expects Murray to start, but no starting job has been set at any position yet.

The NFL and Twitter today announced a multi-year partnership extension.

The NFL and Twitter today announced a multi-year partnership extension that will deliver a host of new live programming, original sponsored content and more highlights to Twitter’s highly engaged audience just in time for the NFL’s 100th season.

Since announcing their first partnership agreement in 2013, the NFL has developed live programming and distributed on-demand content that captures Twitter’s unique features and appeals to its highly engaged audience.

The new deal will feature new live programming built around some of the NFL’s biggest events, more game highlights each week for fans, and unique sponsored content opportunities for brands.

• Live shows focused on NFL tentpole events – Uniquely produced for Twitter, six new live shows will capture the excitement and conversation around some of the NFL’s biggest events, including NFL Kickoff, the Thanksgiving games, the Conference Championships, the Super Bowl, the Scouting Combine and the NFL Draft while integrating entertaining conversations and trends sparked by these events on the platform.

• New content – In addition to the live shows, fans will see a host of new content throughout the year, including:

◦ Live pregame Q&As – Leading up to the kickoff of either a Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, or Monday Night Football matchup each week, a featured NFL Media personality will take over the @NFL handle for a live Q&A with fans

◦ New NFL Twitter “Moments” – curated Twitter Moments featuring the best plays and tweets every week of the season and throughout the year

◦ Custom NFL Twitter Votes – users will be invited to vote each week on the hottest topics and takes burning through the NFL Twittersphere. Results will be incorporated into NFL Twitter and NFL Network shows.

◦ The Best Touchdowns and Celebrations – Each week, the NFL will produce custom “best touchdowns” and “best touchdown celebrations” highlight reels for Twitter

“We’re excited to renew our partnership with Twitter,” said Blake Stuchin, NFL Vice President of Digital Media Business Development. “Millions of people use Twitter every day to follow their favorite teams and players and participate in conversations about the NFL. We expect these new live shows to be among the most popular programs on Twitter, while serving to drive awareness and tune-in of our biggest tentpole events of the year.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season by kicking off a new multiyear collaboration that will include innovative ways to serve fans and our brand partners,” said TJ Adeshola, Head of US Sports Partnerships at Twitter. “Football fans around the world will now be able to engage with more NFL premium content on Twitter, which will inspire even more conversation year-round about the league.”